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Stupid Funny Riddle

Stupid Funny Riddle - 26 September

One Night, a Cook, a Cobbler and a Fisherman went to a dinner together and asked the manager to split the bill equally among them. When the bill arrived, it was for four people.

How can this be possible?

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Quick Riddle To Ask

Quick Riddle To Ask - 25 September

At his own home, a man watches a beautiful lady killed. He cried but does not do anything about it. Why?

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Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem

Popular Horse Algebric Equation Problem - 22 September

Can you solve the equation by finding the value of
A) Horse
B) Cowboy boot
C) Horseshoe

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The Lottery Riddle

The Lottery Riddle - 21 September

Chances of Mr. Button winning the local lottery in 8%. All participants lined up and Mr. Button is 3rd in the row. The first two participants lose the lottery.

What is the chance of Samuel Mr. Button now?

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The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle

The Disappearing Mango Tree Riddle - 20 September

There are many trees in my garden. One such tree is a mango tree and obviously, there are some mangoes on it. Using the Slingshot I try to get some mangoes. After half an hour there are no mangoes on trees and no mangoes with me.

How come ?

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Smart Equation Problem

Smart Equation Problem - 19 September

1 + 9 + 8 = ? considering, 28 + 8 + 92 = 10

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Good Missing Number Series

Good Missing Number Series - 18 September

Can you find the missing number in the series below

1 5 9 2 6 10 3 ? 11 4 8 12

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